10 Safe Home Foods That Beat Kidney Disease

The Kidney Disease Solution

Kidney failure is an increasingly common disease and leads to many dangerous complications. However, at present, there are many people who are subjective and do not actively treat the disease completely. Here are some simple and effective home remedies for weak kidneys that anyone can do.

10 Safe Home Foods That Beat Kidney Disease

Top 10 best home remedies for weak kidneys

Kidney failure, if not treated promptly, will lead to many serious complications that impair kidney function, reduce the ability to filter blood, excrete and detoxify from the body. Therefore, the earliest and correct treatment of the disease is essential.

Some of the popular home remedies for weak kidneys are:

Green papaya treats weak kidneys

In Oriental medicine, green papaya is a medicine that has welding properties, has the effect of cooling, nourishing the kidneys, detoxifying and purifying the body. Therefore, green papaya is an extremely effective home remedy for weak kidneys. According to modern medical research, papaya contains many vitamins, micronutrients and minerals that help improve overall health.

Doing: Patients should choose papaya cake with a size of about 500g.
You peel, wash the fruit, add a little salt and then put in the steamer for 30 minutes.
When the medicated water is still hot, use it immediately to treat the disease.

Remedy to treat weak kidneys with laksa leaves

Lettuce is not only a familiar vegetable processed into many dishes but also a medicinal plant with high medicinal properties. Accordingly, lettuce has a cool, calming properties, so it functions to improve kidney activity and overcome symptoms of weak kidney disease.

Besides, laksa leaves has many other therapeutic uses such as treating flu, bloating, diarrhea, cold limbs …

To treat weak kidney disease, the patient uses a little laksa leaves, rinses it, crushes it, and then squeezes the juice to drink. Alternatively, you can use laksa leaves served with fried duck eggs or cook laksa leaves porridge.

However, you should not use too much lettuce at the same time because it can cause poisoning. Each meal should only use about 300g of laksa leaves is enough.

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Tips to treat weak kidneys with corn stubble

For a long time, corn stubble has become a popular medicine in many folk remedies. According to traditional medicine, corn stubble has detoxifying, diuretic, and heat-releasing effects, so it is used to treat kidney diseases such as weak kidneys, urinary retention, blood urination, bladder and kidney damage.

In modern medicine, corn stubble contains many vitamins and minerals that help to improve the condition of weak kidneys and support overall health. However, to completely cure weak kidney disease with corn stubble, the patient must persistently perform for a long time.

Doing: You choose a few corns of corn, pick corn stubble, wash it with water and put it in a pot to boil.
You let the water cool, then pour it into a bowl and drink it like drinking water every day
The best dosage to use is 2 bowls per day.
Corn stubble should only be taken during the day because left overnight will reduce the effectiveness of the drug and may cause some side effects such as abdominal pain, indigestion …

Kidney failure should do? Drink cilantro juice

Cilantro is a very familiar food in the daily meals of Vietnamese families. Few people know that this vegetable has high medicinal properties and is often used to treat a number of diseases, including weak kidney disease.

According to Oriental medicine, cilantro has a secreting effect, relaxes muscles, diuretics and increases the function of glomerular filtration. Besides, it also works to increase the ability of kidney blood vessels to relax and help the kidneys work more efficiently. Therefore, the treatment of weak kidneys with cilantro is not only highly effective but also saves costs.

Doing: Choice of 20 – 30g fresh, non-deep cilantro, soak in diluted salt water to remove all bacteria.
Patient chopped cilantro, pureed or crushed and squeezed the juice.
Divide the drug into 2 doses during the day in the morning and afternoon.
Note, cilantro remedy should not be used for pregnant women because it contains elastic substances, edema leading to miscarriage. In addition, cilantro often grows in humid places such as ponds, lakes … so it is easy to be infected with harmful bacteria.

Exercises to treat weak kidney for men at home

Parallel to the drug treatment, patients can perform exercises at home to improve the effectiveness of treatment and increase overall strength. Here are some exercises that help improve kidney function that many doctors appreciate:

Soles of the feet massage: The soles of the feet gather many points, including Dung Tuyen. The soles of the feet massage will have the effect of dissipating toxic gases and are good for the kidneys. Besides, you can combine foot baths in salt water to treat disease.

Ear rub: The patient uses both hands to grasp the ear and then gently rub the ear until the ear is warm. Every day, you do 2-3 times to increase blood circulation, help blood to the kidney better.
Abdominal and hip massage: The lower abdomen and hips are the parts that are closely related to the kidneys. Before going to bed, you should massage these two areas to recharge the kidneys with oxygen.

How to treat weak kidney at home with pre-herbal medicine

The herbaceous plant is also known as the buffalo’s eye tree – one of the most commonly used medicines for treating weak kidneys. In Oriental medicine, this herb has a sweet, salty, calming taste and has diuretic, heat, inflammatory, and detoxifying effects.

In addition, the scientists found that primrose contains abundant soyasaponin content. This is a natural active ingredient that effectively detoxifies, clears heat. At the same time, this ingredient also helps to repair damaged cells and strengthen kidney function.

Doing: The patient prepares about 20-30g of pre-draft needles.
Take the ingredients to wash and then put in the kettle with just enough water.
You heat the medicine over low heat for 1 hour.
Decant the water and then divide the drug into several drinks a day, each day you use 1 pill.

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Fish lettuce for weak kidney at home

Kidney failure what to do? When weak kidney disease, patients can consider using fish lettuce to cure. Fish lettuce is not only a raw vegetable but also has the effect of heat, pepper, anti-inflammatory, and low gums.

According to modern medicine, fish lettuce contains many essential oils, hyperin, quercetin, myrcene … These nutrients have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, dilate blood vessels and increase urinary excretion. Thanks to that, fish lettuce is popularly used to treat kidney diseases.

Doing: The patient prepares 100g of dried fish lettuce.
You wash the vegetables, put them in the kettle and add 2 liters of water.
You boil the water over low heat for about 10 minutes, drain the water and drink it daily.

How to treat weak kidneys with kernels

Gymnosperm is a natural herb that offers a variety of health benefits. The drug has a tonic effect on the kidneys and enhances the functioning of this organ. According to many studies, gymnosperms contain many components such as coumarin, pinene. capilen, flavonoid … These ingredients have high antioxidant capacity, inhibit harmful free radicals and quickly heal kidney damage.

Doing: The patient prepares about 30g of corn stubble with 30g of kernel.
You put all the medicinal herbs in the kettle with 1 liter of water.
Decoction on low heat for about 10 – 15 minutes.
Your great-grandchildren took the water, divided the drug into several drinks a day, each day took 1 ladder to treat the disease.

How to treat weak kidney at home with thatched roots

Rosemary has solder properties, sweet taste, helps heat, diuretic, and blood stasis, so it is often used to treat some diseases such as urinary retention, hematuria, acute kidney failure. Modern studies also show that grass root is very effective in supporting the treatment of weak kidney disease. In addition, this medicine can be used to treat hypotension.

Doing: Option 1: The patient takes the herb root with water, divides the medicine into 2 times and takes it daily in the morning and afternoon.
Method 2: You sharpen the roots of the grass with 3 slices of fresh ginger and 500ml of water. You drink medicine water before dinner to treat your illness.

Drink squid juice to treat weak kidney disease

Squid is a valuable medicinal plant in Oriental medicine. This herb has diuretic, calming and improves kidney function. In addition, the squid plant also protects and ensures stable functioning of the kidneys.

To improve the effectiveness of treatment, patients should combine squid with some other herbs. As follows:

Prepare ingredients including explosive, tangerine, salted, squid, 20g each.
You bring all the ingredients with 1.2 liters of water until the water is 200ml, then mention it.
You divide the drug into 3 doses during the day.

Note when applying home remedies for weak kidneys

Treatment of weak kidney disease at home should only be used for mild cases, newly onset or in combination with other treatments. During treatment, you pay attention to the following problems:

Patients must develop a scientific, healthy diet and should not eat many harmful foods such as fatty foods, hot spicy foods, harmful stimulants.
Drink enough water every day from 2 to 2.5 liters of water to increase activity and eliminate toxins, thereby reducing pressure on the kidneys.

Develop a suitable working, studying and resting regime, avoiding stressful work that can harm your health.
Patients should not hold urine because it will damage the kidneys and lead to many other dangerous diseases.
Regular exercise, exercise to improve health and support treatment of disease.
The advantage of treating weak kidney at home is benign, simple and cost-effective. However, this method needs a long treatment time. Hopefully, with the above remedies, the patient can consult and choose the treatment method suitable for his or her medical condition.

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